Article sur l’exposition: It Is Already Tomorrow

Saturday evening. Tropical heat. All over Berlin. But when the night started to crawl through the narrow streets of Kreuzberg, one of the famous and notorious nightlife and party quarters of Berlin, I’ve found the best and coolest location to be in that saturday night. Some 20°C INSIDE a small salon. 7°C – the initial temperature inside the slender brown and green bottles of “Rothaus” and “Jever” beer. Some 10°C on the spoon – a delicious Gazpach, which comforted tongue and mouth. Cool people gathered on the sidewalk in front of the narrow gallery, chatting, hugging, laughing, drinking and discussing tonight’s highlight of the “Kreuzberg Pavillon”: Sébastien Pesot’s oeuvre “It is already tomorrow”. A cool set of installations, focussing on words, communication, the present and the future […]

Finally, he presented a 1-minute-performance by holding a tiny led-screen in front of his mouth and synchronised live with almost digitalized voice the words (and messages), which were repeated nonstop in the video-loop of this installation. The Kreuzberg Pavillon was crowded – though the hurricane blowers were silenced. But just for this very minute. And when the crowd applaused the artist, it was for his artistic work. The person who turned on the blowers almost immediately after the performance earned a collective sigh. Thanks for the invitation. And thanks for your art, Sébastien.

Etienne Rheindahlen