Photos from the exhibition at the Maison de la culture Frontenac: Alain Lefort

Sébastien Pesot, an artist evolving in the world of moving images, is presenting the first of a series of impressions on paper: Crash. The digitalized cymbal used in this series forms a bridge between the artist’s past as a percussionist and his present practice. The images here represent not only the passage of time and sound, but the passage from one practice to another. The artist allows viewers to discover the materiality of the cymbals: the dints and bumps in the material, the surfaces struck by the drumsticks, the cracks and grooves in certain cases. Without hearing the sound of the cymbals, it is possible to imagine these physical changes affecting their tone and resonance. The close-ups, which underscore the round shape of the cymbals, make us think of the eye, or a planet. The holes, decontextualized, may be interpreted as the impact of a body crashing into this organic mass of metal. Within these dark openings, the artist also sees the matrix of a metaphysical intrigue. The passage of time is evoked here as well: the tempo kept by the cymbals in real time, but also their suspension in time, frozen in a specific moment, materialized. Although the crashes against the cymbals may have been violent in the past, they have now been immortalized, as it were, given a poetic cast.

Manon Tourigny, Matthieu Gauvin and Sébastien Pesot

The artist acknowledge the support of the Centre Sagamie for the artist residency.