The Pavillon series continues this research begun at the Sagamie Centre, and uses the same subject: the musical instrument. Although the title provides a clue (pavillon = bell of an instrument), the images remain intriguing. The series is composed of seven works: six trumpet bells and a mouthpiece. As in Crash, we find metal that is texturized, dented, worn—and encompassing endless space. Each element is closely scrutinized. Once again, the materiality of the instrument predominates in these images; we feel the smooth surface, the brass finish, the lustre, the porosity of certain bells, and realize that each instrument is different. The void is also represented here, as a black hole that absorbs all light, metaphorically evoking the presence of sounds, which can be heard only by the ear of the imagination. Pavillon also represents a space, the space between the two extremities of a trumpet: the beginning and the end.


Manon Tourigny, Matthieu Gauvin et Sébastien Pesot

The artist acknowledge the support of the Centre Sagamie for the artist residency.