Show de chaises

In Show de chaises, Pesot presents a video whose images are divided into distinct segments, filmed from the same angle but at different times of the day. After being edited, the shots alternate, finally subdividing along horizontal and vertical planes. This division of the frame allows for overlapping space-times, generating two different yet co-existing realities, causing a change of perception and undermining the temporality. Show de chaises is screened at the very spot the images were filmed, thereby superimposing the “real” site onto the exhibition space.

The first part of the installation involves a meeting and television interview with various participants at the premises of Praxis. The camera is stationary and the interaction intended to be natural. In the window behind them, we can see the words “Mon Espace Your Space,” the motto of Praxis.

Filmed a bit later in the day, the second part features artist Justin Lortie, who seems to have nothing better to do than stack chairs until they reach the height of the window. Finally satisfied, he begins to climb up his creation, so as to get a better view outside. This performance provides a counterpoint to the works previously seen at the centre’s exhibition site.

The artist thanks Justin Lortie, Patrick Bérubé, Frédéric Saia et Geneviève Matteau for their participation.